It’s His Day Too


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the wedding attire fantasies of lace, and Louboutin ‘ s and perfectly effortless flower crowns and forget your man has dreams too. Now his are of being James Bond or  the lead singer of the coolest not cool indie rock band, but both involve a suit and some style.
An intimate wedding where there is no pressure to match 6 groomsmen and coordinate the perfect the shade of white handkerchiefs really gives your guy a chance to explore his own style. Even if they don’t admit it, I think most guys like the opportunity to feel put together and powerful in a great fitting suit. And since your not obligated to go to the typical formal wear suit factory he has a lot more options. We found department stores a great option. Tons of designers and BIG deals. More expensive places like J. Crew all the way up to Harry Rosen are always options if you have the funds, and keep in mind you are saving in other ways too by eloping so don’t feel bad splurging on yourself. We opted for the department store route (think Nordstrom, The Bay, etc.). My groom got the perfect 3 piece suite for 60% off with free tailoring, AND he will honestly wear it again. In the end the suit cost a little more than my dress (I know, I know, my generosity is amazing) but we saved a ton. Don’t be afraid to shop around at non-traditional places. H & M and Top Shop had great options for affordable shirts, patterned vests, and accessories.
It’s his day too, let him get something he feels like a secret spy in, or indulge in his bow-tie and suspenders fantasy. Let your clothes reflect your own personal style. Eloping and intimate weddings give you the freedom to explore

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