6 Tips to Pack Smart for Your Elopement


Packing falls under the list of non-fun things to do when traveling, and/or eloping but it is essential you do it right. If you are planning to get married abroad you are potentially bringing a lot of expensive additions in you luggage so you want to ensure you decrease, as much as possible, the chance that your dress is going to get lost or damaged. We’ve compiled a list of some thoughtful packing ideas to help you navigate through what to bring.

1) Documents. Oh this is a big one. If you are planning a legal wedding outside of you city, state/province, or country you will need to bring a lot of documentation. As mentioned in previous posts get the paperwork researched and done as early as you can to avoid any disappointments. When traveling, I highly recommend dedicating one person to be in charge of safe keeping and organizing the paperwork. Chances are, one of you is better at that sort of thing than the other. Hint: it was not me.
2) Make sure your passport is updated and immunizations (if needed) are done well in advance. Did you know some countries require that your passport be valid within six months of your travel dates? Your local government office can let you know the travel requirements for most countries you want to visit.
3) Wedding clothes. I took a gamble with my wedding dress and checked it. It was cotton and lace and folded into a nice flat rectangle which I put between some coats and hoped for the best. We did the same with the groom’s suit. Frankly I’m lazy and did not want to carry it around (oh that sounds terrible). If your dress is larger some airlines will hang it up for you in the cabin. There is also the option of sending things ahead of time to your final wedding destination, this is a more expensive option, though.
4) The rings on the other hand I suggest keeping with you on carry-on. They are small easy to pack and expensive. This is kind of a no-brainer. It made me feel better to stick my hand into my bag and feel that yes, the rings are still there.
5) Think carefully about all the other clothes and shoes and STUFF you will pack. I recommend laying everything out on your bed you WANT to pack and then trying to get rid of 20% of it. Think of every item as something you will have to drag around and a possible weight violation at the airport that will cost you big time. Think of using hotel dry cleaning or local laundromats, or even bringing one of those sink washing kits so you can clean and re-use you clothes. If you and your partner each bring a comfortable pair of shoes, a semi-nice pair, and your wedding shoes that equals 6 pairs! That is a lot of awkward shapes to pack! Check the historic weather for the places you are traveling to and only bring what you need!
6) Think about all the little extras. Do you want to wear a veil? Are you going to do the whole something borrowed and blue thing? Are you going to wear some fancy lingerie? Are you bringing your own vows? Lets be honest, you write them on a napkin the night before anyways…All these things can probably be found at your final location, but if they are important things to you then plan and pack them!
If you have any good packing tips for eloping or traveling let me know! I would love to hear about your experiences!
Bon voyage!
Michelle xo

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