All you have to do is dream…


What heights will your love take you? To what depths? Have you dreamed of travelling to Istanbul, walking beneath colourful lantern-lit streets? Or maybe sipping home-made limoncello on the Amalfi coast? This is what gets me excited about eloping and is at the core of why I did it (besides wanting to marry my best friend bla bla bla)… TRAVEL.

This is the time to be adventurous, challenge yourself. What a great reason (excuse) to go anywhere in the world, but to get married! There is nothing to be scared of really, because you are doing it with your new official partner-in-crime for life. Every experience is going to be such a vivid and lasting memory. Everything that goes wrong too! And you won’t even be mad, I promise! Hate your hair? Said the vows wrong? Forgot your bra and had to duct-tape your upper half into the dress? It all doesn’t matter. You are not impressing anyone, the pressure is off. All the things that go right and wrong become special memories and inside jokes with you and your betrothed.
Can we talk about honeymoon? You’re already travelling, just keep the ride going! Get married in Paris and honeymoon in Barcelona, backpack through South America, or just explore your own state or province! The options are limitless. Go wherever your imagination takes you. All you have to do is dream…

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