Don’t Let the Chatter Influence Your Imagination


When we decided to elope in Italy one of the most common questions we got surrounding our decision (after “wow, your mom must be mad”) is, “are either of you Italian?” No. Then it would progress to, “do you have a special memory or experience in Italy?” Nope, neither of us have ever been there. “Is there any meaningful reason you chose to spend one of the important days of your life in this particular country?” Well, not exactly… At this point I was almost starting to second guess myself. Maybe we should pick a place that has a back story and is special to us, like the small town bar we first met in, or the other small town (we hadn’t traveled much at this point) we drove to in a snow storm that one time to get an Ikea table because my home town is too small to provide impossible to assemble modular furniture. But I do not really want to elope in a country bar?! (Not that there is anything wrong with that but it is just not my particular dream!).

 We already had this fantastic trip planned, and the countries we were already travelling to became our options once we decided we were going to elope. We were going to France and Italy (pretty amazing “options” right?), looked at our trip schedule, examined the legal requirements (Italy was MUCH less paperwork than France), and looked at some google photos. Southern Italy was beautiful, ocean -side and the people we had contacted there were absolutely lovely. I got over the fact that there had to be some profound reason for choosing the destination. I now started to answer people with things like: because Italy is amazing and beautiful and wouldn’t you be so lucky to say you married your best friend overlooking the Amalfi Coast?
There are lots of special places that you and your significant other will feel connected to and already have special memories tied to. Travelling to a place you have only dreamed about will give you a new memory (and excuse to travel back). Even elopements and intimate weddings can draw a lot of opinions and criticism so prepare yourself. Just don’t let the chatter influence your imagination.

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