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Dreams of romance and adventure look different for each person. My personal experience of an elopement destination was a random choice on the southern coast of Italy. We had no reason to pick the place besides a Google image search, and IT WAS PERFECT! We want to help you broaden your horizons to new possibilities so you can take the leap. The opportunities are endless! Today we are talking with the good people at Appetit weddings in Majorca to see if they can tempt us with a Spanish island paradise.

Why elope in Majorca?

Majorca (Mallorca) island is a small piece of paradise in the Mediterranean. It is the largest island in the Balearic Islands archipelago, which are part of Spain. While it is a popular tourist destination much of the island has maintained its traditional charm. It is known for its beautiful coastline surrounded by turquoise sea.Visit Majorca for food, outdoor activities like snorkeling and cycling, or just to relax.Jose Luis Maicas with Appetit Weddings believes that you will find Majorca a unique destination to celebrate your wedding. Jose, please tell us a little bit of what a couple can expect from a Majorca wedding.

1. Variety of Environments for Your Celebration

In Majorca you will find diversity of environments and landscapes: long beaches of white sand, elegant beach-clubs, romantic hotels in the mountains (the Tramuntana mountains are UNESCO World Heritage Site), friendly and modern urban hotels, traditional “fincas” and bodegas in the country, beautiful old villages and mysterious and amazing caves. Exclusive and romantic places, completely prepared for your personal celebration.



2. The Gastronomy

The Mediterranean diet is considered as one of the healthiest in the world, and this is reflected in the quality of our products and dishes. Gastronomy is part of our tradition and culture. Restaurant and catering offerings are excellent. Also, on the island you will find some of the world’s most prestigious chefs, even seven Michelin-starred restaurants!



3. Reasonable Prices

Celebrating your elopement in Majorca will be more attainable than you expect. The island offers a variety of hotels, restaurants and beautiful places. It is always possible to plan a celebration according to your budget.You will find that the cost of stay in Majorca is more reasonable than many other destinations.




4. Nice Weather All Year Round

Summer is hot and sunny but the sea breeze cools you down. Spring and autumn are also sunny with fair temperatures, still warm enough to swim in the sea! The mild winter often has clear sky. Rain is infrequent but, of course, we always have a B-plan for your celebration.




5. Professionalism and Experience

For many years Majorca has been a quality tourism destination with all the necessary infrastructures to make your stay comfortable. Majorca has a modern international airport, quality hotels, restaurants and catering.Historically, the island has been the favourite destination of artists looking for beauty, inspiration and relaxation.


6. The Beginning of Your Honeymoon

Is there any better place to start your new life together than on a romantic island in the Mediterranean?Jose, color us convinced! It is super important you have someone you trust helping you plan from across the world. If you are interested in exploring Majorca for your celebration then contact Jose and Appetit Weddings.



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