Fresh Bouquet of Flowers


Oh my gosh it’s finally March! Our winter blues are fading away to the sounds of birds chirping, the taste or patio margaritas and the smell of flowers! Nothing is fresher or more beautiful to me than a fresh bouquet of flowers. I am an admitted plant killer by nature (I don’t know what’s wrong with me, why are succulents so hard!!), and I refuse to pay the huge markup for florals but man can they add some class to an occasion. Like a wedding for example! Eloping saved me the trouble of paying for roses, peonies and baby’s breather on every table, chair, runner, groomsmen, and bridesmaid, but I decided I wanted my own bouquet. One of our contacts in Italy graciously offered to have a bouquet made up for me, but that was going to cost 100 bucks, and it seemed more rational to spend that $100 on pizza, pasta and wine. So, the morning of the wedding I marched around with curlers in my hair to a local florist and told him I was getting married that day. He told me to pick out my 3 favourite flowers in the shop and in 5 minutes, before my eyes whipped me up a fantastic bouquet wrapped in ribbon and lace for $20, with tip, which I had to force him to take!!


I’ve mentioned it before,  but take advantage of people wanting to help you on your big day. This is a once in a lifetime experience and people love to be a part of it. This small moment the day of our elopement will remain one of my favourites forever. Don’t discount local vendors like florists as expensive or unreasonable. You can get a deal if you just ask for it and most of the time you don’t even have to ask.
As a side note to our story, yes I kept that bouquet,  I couldn’t give it to a stranger!  But after 2 days when our trip was moving along to a new location we went for a final walk on the cobble stone streets of Sorrento and laid the flowers down at a one of the many shrines to Mary that line the alleyways. The next morning the flowers were in a vase with fresh water and propped in the middle of the shrine! How amazing is that!?! Sigh… Italy.

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