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So there are tons of ways to save money or completely splurge when you are eloping, just like any type of wedding planning. In this section I’ll talk a little bit about the different areas we decided to skimp on and the others that we put more money in to. The great thing about eloping is you really can do it on any budget!

So when we were fantasizing about our beautiful romantic Italian elopement I had many visions of ocean and cliff sides and cobblestone and food and and and… And then I realized, hey! We should probably find a photographer to capture all these dreamy images because I am going to forget it a week later when I’m back at work and depressed I’m not eating pastry for breakfast every day. So in planning our (modest) budget we decided that a big chunk was going to be allotted to a decent photographer. We began searching online, and shocker, they were all super pricey. If you have a couple grand you can find a great photographer anywhere and wedding photography is big business so they are not afraid to charge. Don’t be afraid to ask for a la carte deals instead of the listed packages. You can save by cutting out the extras like printed photos and thank you cards. We just got a zip drive of our photos and that was good enough for us. Check out Instagram and Facebook pages as well. It’s a great way to sniff out some great amateur photographers that will charge more reasonably. We even looked into university students studying photography as an option. In the end we ended up asking our Air BnB host if they knew anyone and we were put in touch with a great guy who spent the day with us and stayed well within our budget.

Do your research. Look around before you commit to anything and don’t settle for listed prices, always ask for a better deal. And if photography isn’t your thing, get some tourists or locals to snap a few shots and you will have just as great a memory to reminisce with!

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