Home is where the heart is


I can fully admit that I get wrapped up in dreamy ideas of travelling to far off places like Fiji and Turkey and convince myself THAT is how you elope. It is easy to throw practicality out the window and forget that travel can be a pretty hefty financial and time investment.

So you still want to elope, though? Try looking out your own window. There is a wealth of opportunity in your own province or state. I’ve mentioned before that we live in British Columbia, and holy crap is it nice. Mountains, forest, ocean, beaches, downtown, islands etc. etc. etc. The list truly goes on forever.

Where do you live? What local backdrops would be the perfect setting for your elopement or intimate wedding? There are tons of reasons to get married and tons of reasons to travel. Here are a few reasons why home might be where your heart should stay:
Money; No explanations needed. Even if you want to have an economical trip, you really dont want to be staying hostels for your wedding night. The timing might just not be right. You can travel anytime later down the road. And have you seen a City Hall wedding? They’re adorable!
Spontaneity and/or practicality; If you truly decide that you love this person and you can’t wait another day to marry them than go ahead and do it! Marriage outside of your Country is extremely complicated and takes months of expensive paperwork. You can call up a justice of the peace or marriage commissioner and do it a lot easier, just don’t forget the marriage licence first!
Family; If you do want your parents or a few close friends to be with you on your day. then you should. Travelling can force a lot of people out of your wedding day for a lot of reasons. You can still surprise the group with an outing they’ll never forget or plan a backyard BBQ. You have tons of options and your family (mother) will be very ecstatic you included them.
Memories; The city you live in is probably where you met and fell in love with this person you are dying to marry. You have your favorite restaurants and parks, and all the place you have already built amazing memories. Incorporate these special places into your day.
No matter where you decide to get married, it will be the right place because in the end you are getting the biggest prize of all (tax benefits, JK!! your partner bla bla bla!). Don’t let Pinterest or Instagram or imagination convince you that exotic travel is required for a romantic wedding. Throw on a comfortable summer dress and head on down to city hall today!

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