How not to have a cringe-worthy Valentine’s Day


There is a whole lot of cheese that surrounds this particular holiday, some deserved and some not. Like I mentioned before, I do not think it is SO terrible to celebrate a day that takes the time to acknowledge our affection for our loved ones… HOWEVER, I do not think it needs to involve the chocolate, roses, and diamonds that marketing companies should have us buy into.
Now I like a good meal. Do I think it’s necessary to go to the latest trendy 3 month waiting list joint with bored servers and $40 martinis? No. It is such an old suggestion, but why not cook for each other? There is something about going to exotic grocery stores that just gets me excited. I LOVE going to any small local shop filled with colorful glass jars and 15 kinds bulk olives. Mediterranean, Italian, Asian, any type you can come across.  The harder the labels to read the better! That makes the experience more legit. I plan to spend this Valentine’s day reliving our travels through beautiful Sorrento with Italian meats, cheeses, bread and wine from our local delicatessen. We’ll make a mess in the kitchen  and drop half the food on the floor where our cat will snatch it up. And we’ll laugh about the funny sandwich guy in Rome and awe over the 5 Bordeaux in Paris.

What activities bring meaning to you as a couple? Get outside, eat your heart out, get engaged! I’m not saying I’d be upset if a little blue box fell in my lap February  14th, but I’m more excited to celebrate with my best friend doing the things that mean most to US.
What are your plans this heart day? Do you have any ideas or suggestions you can share with other lovers of love? Let us know!!

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