Is Eloping a Trend?


If you Google “elope” you come across a number of articles referencing the “fad” or “trend” of this type of celebration. Frankly I find it condescending and a little insulting to compare my wedding ceremony choice to perms and bell bottoms. A trend is something that becomes popular for a while and then disappears. Hasn’t intimate ceremonies been a “thing” forever? Is it possible that the connotation surrounding elopements has shifted away from shot-gun and cheap to just one more option in the myriad of possibilities for how your ceremony could go? Here are some reasons why elopements are here to stay and are not a passing trend.

It is all about choice. I did not have a private ceremony because I saw celebrities doing it on Instagram or because it was popular on Pinterest. Yes, we use these types of social media outlets for inspiration once the choice is made but they do not dictate WHAT you do!  People have small weddings for the same reason they have big ones, personal values and expectations.

This is not a “rules were made to be broken” situation. I actually read this. I hate to burst your bubble, but eloping is not a James Dean, YOLO, bad ass decision. If you’re having an intimate celebration to piss someone off, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Family, friends and outside influences do not get to decide what is right when it comes to your wedding day, but also don’t let resentment guide your decision. I repeat, there are no rules. You just do it the way you want, it’s that simple.

Money. I refuse to say eloping is a cheap alternative because often it is not. But I will say that small weddings give you the option to spend your money more thoughtfully on what you truly want when you are not focused on feeding, boozing, and entertaining a mass of people.

You do not have to give anything up. Every aspect of the traditional wedding can be incorporated into a wedding of any size. Wear something blue, have a first dance and hire a photographer. If you ever feel like you are losing something important, then there is a problem.

Trends are momentary, marriage is forever. You should not feel compelled to get married in a fashionable or “cool” way. This is a meaningful celebration that deserves a lot of respect. Letting your commitment be overshadowed by having a really good photo to post online is just as off the mark as having a 300-person reception and not seeing your new partner the whole night.  If your reasons WHY you are getting married remain at the forefront of your mind, then your decisions for HOW you do it will naturally fall into place.

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    • Dawn
    • October 9, 2016

    I have been seeing the word trend associated with eloping as well. My husband and I eloped then had an intimate destination wedding with immediate family and a few close friends. It was awesome. Now many of my clients are telling me they wanted to have a kind of planned elopement…essentially a very intimate destination wedding similar to the one I had, but their parents said they couldn’t. Whaaaaaatttt???
    Why are your parents dictating how you spend the first day of your marriage? How is letting them bully you into a big white wedding going to play into future marital decisions…like raising kids?!?!
    It’s your wedding and no one else’s. And in reality, the wedding is the ceremony…not the after party which seems to be where “trending” influence is planted.

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