Let’s Take Adventures Together

There really is no way better to get to know someone than to be trapped in an airport waiting for your delayed flight for 9 hours, drag your luggage through cobblestone and dirt roads, and stay in a sketchy apartment with no running water and a door that mostly locks. Traveling can strengthen your bond and trust in one another, and it can also be a stressful emotional roller-coaster as you find yourself in unfamiliar situations. Relationships themselves are hard and require work so it should be expected that when you take that relationship to a foreign land, the same applies!

At the end of the day traveling together is pretty darn great. Here are some things to keep in mind while exploring as a pair so you can make the most of it.

Budget. Eye roll… budget again? I know, money comes up all the time but deal with it early before you get stuck in Singapore and your family has to wire you some money to get you home. Make a daily and a total budget, before you leave. Make room for some splurging on a nice dinner or special memento so you don’t feel completely trapped by money. If realistic expectations of spending and budgeting are done upfront before you travel you can avoid a lot of disappointments and arguments along the way.

Speaking of expectations… I know you guys are the best couple. You are so in-tune and everyone tells that you are exactly alike and perfect together. However, you are different people and may have different definitions and ideas about what “vacation” means. One of you may want backpacking, hostel,and hiking through Nepal, while the other is expecting a king-sized bed and pool-side mojitos. Balance out the spontaneous adventures with your must-see sites and attractions. Plan the trip so both of you can get what you want and compromise when necessary.

Eat, sleep, breathe. I know this sounds a little ridiculous. Umm … yes, I know this is what human beings need for survival. These are things we sometimes take for granted while traveling and they can lead to big fights and missed opportunities. Every minute of your day does not need to be meticulously planned out. Tell your partner when your feet hurt and need a rest. Don’t be afraid of down time. Spending the afternoon in a park people-watching or even taking a nap in your hotel room are totally acceptable things to do while traveling.

Take care of each other. This also sounds like an easy one but things will undoubtedly go wrong. You will loose your passport, your luggage will go missing, you will get sick, and you will fight. Let these issues bring you closer together as you figure how to deal with them and learn something for the next time you travel together. Experience ALL the parts of your adventures together.

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