May I have this Dance?


Do me a favor. Even if you are totally anti-wedding establishment please do this one cheesy tradition and you won’t regret it. Please, please, please have a first dance. I know, the thought of a choreographed number to an R & B slow jam kind of makes you cringe. You probably feel pretty awkward about the whole thing too. Rhythmically rocking back and forth, several hundred of your closest friends, family, and strangers wishing you would have picked something shorter than Beethoven’s 13 minute symphony. Or you suddenly find yourself having conversations you never thought you would like should we take ballroom or swing dance lessons? And you start having arguments because he can’t remember what “your” song is, but you can’t really remember either, and did you even have one in the first place? Then you snap back to planet earth and realize dance lessons is money that could be put towards absolutely anything else and “your” song is the theme to Game of Thrones, so not really wedding appropriate.

Now, I haven’t really made a case to do the whole thing but hear me out. Like with all things wedding there is the potential for things to get out of control and lose all meaning behind it. Think about it. Whether you elope or have a wedding with guests, this is an opportunity to steal a moment together alone. It is like a long embrace with background music, like a movie! It is the time to stop and whisper to each other how happy and in love you are, laugh about moment from the day, and soak in the fact it all really happened. It can be romantic and spontaneous even if you don’t have an official song. We did not even plan to have a dance until our more than a little tipsy musician suggested some time after our appetizers that we should dance now. I don’t even remember the song (shh don’t tell anyone), I think it was one of those Righteous brother ballads but it was amazing. You really have a moment where there is nothing else but the two of you.
It is okay to relinquish control a little bit and let the moment happen. Dance your heart out at a local pub, stop at a street performer you cross at the end of the night, or do it alone when you get back to your room. These are the moments that will last in your memory for a life time.
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