New Year. New Me!


Happy 2017! There are tons of couples out there who celebrated getting engaged over the holiday season, congratulations! This exciting life change and the fresh start of a new year brings on a lot of new year new me lists. If you have already started wedding planning, you may see some of these common resolutions popping into your head. Before you go quit your job and buy a gym membership, stop and think about what you really want to change!

Lose weight: Don’t you mean be healthier?! Losing weight is simply getting rid of what you think is holding you back from happiness. Whether its wearing that couture wedding dress or prancing around in a bikini on your honeymoon, there is never enough weight you can lose that equates with happiness. Perhaps there are other things in your life that are weighing you down. When you are planning a wedding do not let outside influences (friends. Family, magazines, blogs, Instagram) overtake you. What makes you happy is the core and focus of everything.

Declutter my home: Prior to purging all of your childhood soccer medals and stuffed animals try to envision what it is in your life that actually feels so messy. Maybe you are overwhelmed at your job, or avoiding mounds of your grad school debt. I believe a clean living environment can give you a sense of health and organization but it won’t clean up the mess in your head! Same thing goes when wedding planning. There is a lot of “stuff” that goes in to a wedding that requires energy to plan and execute and costs loads of money. Stick to the important basics: partner 1, partner 2, and someone to make it legal. Everything else is extra.

Be more assertive: This is the year no one is going to walk all over you! No more people-pleasing, no more compromising! There are times when you have to stand up for yourself and be clear with your expectations. It is not selfish to get married the way you want. You will have to be prepared for the people in your life who are closest to you to question your decision. When you feel secure with yourself, and sure about your decisions it won’t matter who tries to second guess you.

Pay off my debt: What a fantastic idea! Paying off debt should be the focus early on. It’s going to be hard, you are going to have to make sacrifices, but it is 100% necessary you do not let it follow you around for years. This has to be a priority before you can even think about buying a new car, buying a house, and yes, having that (average) $30,000 wedding. DO NOT GO INTO DEBT BECAUSE OF YOUR WEDDING. Super in love and need to get married right now? Fine, have a courthouse, backyard, or intimate wedding. If you still need the big party, do it later, it’s a great excuse for a 1 year anniversary.

Travel more: Oh, this is an easy one! As long as the above resolution is dealt with… pre-wedding: Amsterdam! Wedding: Paris! Honeymoon: Greece, Italy, and Spain! Now substitute the stated locations for any cities of your choice and you are set.

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