What the heck is post-wedding blues?


Is the post-wedding blues a real thing? Well, yes it definitely is. Now this is not something to be compared to the very serious but similar sounding “baby blues” or postpartum depression. This is more a feeling of letdown, disappointment, or “that what is it, it’s over?” Think about Christmas. There is all this preparation, anticipation of gifts, decorating, cooking, and family visiting. Then, December 25th at 1030am the kids have ripped open the gifts and its done. You have to clean up, start thinking about work again, and remember that there are still long months of winter ahead of you, and you get a little bummed out!

First things first, I think it is important to note that some feelings of sadness are normal after your big day. You may even find yourself a little jealous when your friends start planning their weddings. But keep some perspective, don’t let these feelings overwhelm you. Think about some ways or strategies to beat these pesky feelings after your joyous event.
Do not go immediately back to work. I know this is hard for many, you just spent every last dime on this one day, you NEED to go back to work. But, take a few days at least. You can do something cost effective like staying at a local hotel or go camping, just do something. Even those who plan to take a honeymoon at a different time, I highly encourage you to still use some of your holiday hours on a few days to soak in the momentous occasion.
Give yourself more things to look forward to. Plan dates and romantic outings with your new husband/wife. Enjoy this time as a newlywed. Even if you have been together with your partner for years, this is a very exciting time. Also remember you are an independent human being! Read a book, start an art class, do whatever you want because now that the wedding planning is over you have time!
Elope! Obviously I am a little biased… but hear me out. Eloping was like one long honeymoon and travel adventure that had a pretty rad day in the middle of it. There wasn’t the high level of external expectations put on us so we were allowed to not stress too much about the ONE DAY. We could focus on enjoying every second of the experience (it goes by fast) making it much easier to reminisce and conjure up those feelings again later.
Keep the big picture in mind. The above tip also helped us do this. Your wedding is not about the the “things.” The dress, the food, the flowers,and the color scheme are all fleeting. You are gaining a partner for life. The wedding is the beginning of this new life you are going to build together, not just the end of months of planning. Be excited that the real adventure begins now!

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