Sasha & Chris’s Chicago Elopement


Laura Davis and her team at Charming in Love  have taken a special interest in elopements and intimate weddings. Why? Laura herself eloped with her husband at the Chicago Courthouse! How great is it to have a visionary who knows EXACTLY how you feel? Read through our latest love story and imagine the possibilities for your own day!

Sasha is from Russia and Chris is from Illinois. This beautiful couple met on a cruise ship where they both worked as performers (she’s a dancer, he’s a singer).  He proposed in Moscow in a hot air balloon (swoon)! They flew to Chicago and contacted Laura and Charming in Love to help them plan their elopement.  With only a few days to arrange everything (right before Christmas I might add!), they were able to plan the sweetest day.

Bride: Sasha
Groom: Chris
City the couple calls home: Chicago, IL
Wedding Date: 2015-12-23
Ceremony Location: Chicago Courthouse
Reception: Ten Cat (Local Bar)
Photographer: Charming in Love – Laura Davis
Florist: Asrai Garden – Adina Fried
Rings: Jewellery Chez Faye – Jeff Faye
Bride’s Apparel: Club Monaco, BHLDN
Groom’s Apparel: Express, Banana Republic
Any honorable mentions when it comes to food/cake: McDonald’s 🙂



How did you meet and fall in love?

I first met my amazing wife, Alexandra (Sasha), in Northampton on July 28th , 2013, the day before our rehearsals started in the rehearsal house I was staying in. We were both cast in the production cast set to sail around the world on a cruise ship. We were getting to meet most of the cast before our rehearsals started for a production show contract that we were both hired for. Rehearsals were in Northampton, England with Belinda King Creative Productions.


Why did you decide to elope?

Given that Sasha’s family is all living in Eastern Europe we had many complications in figuring out travel and arrangements to be able to have everyone here in Chicago for our wedding. We thought long and hard about what we should do and ultimately decided that this day was about us and that it wouldn’t be complete with only half of our family with us for it. We decided to elope to the beautiful Courthouse in Chicago the day before Christmas Eve and made the decision to renew our vows with all of our family as soon as we could get them all here to visit. We are currently hoping that this will happen Summer of 2017 when everyone has vacation time and visas to visit!


Describe the day for us.

Early in the morning I (Sasha) woke up to get started with make-up and hair. Chris seemed to be up to something suspicious when he woke up and said he had to run out. I continued to get ready and he came back in with flowers, coffee from our favorite coffee shop down the street and Egg McMuffins! Although we didn’t have much time to eat and enjoy our coffee, it was the perfect way to start out our day!


Did you have any difficulties while planing?

Sasha had an intense search to find the best outfit and we had a little rain in the morning, but honestly it all couldn’t have been more perfect! Actually, it was one of the warmest late December days at 61 degrees F (16 degrees C)! Our celebration was a bit different, as we just went to our neighborhood bar with our puppy. We even ended up locking ourselves out of our apartment!





What was your favorite moment of the day?

Of course, our I do‘s were absolutely amazing, but our favorite moment was the romantic trip from our apartment to the courthouse. We took photos, sang, called Chris’s parents, gazed out the car windows… just enjoyed the moment. It was perfect. 




Do you have any advice for couples planning an intimate wedding or elopement?

Do it. Don’t think too much about it, make sure it’s completely about the two of you. One of the best things about it being just the two of us is we could do exactly what we wanted, and loved every second of it!


Sasha and Chris’s celebrated their first year anniversary December 23rd, 2016!

Congratulations you guys! xo


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    Super cute couple!

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