Skip the Wedding Stress


Here is my number one tip for removing the stress out of planning a wedding… Don’t have a wedding! Now I get it, you’ve been fantasizing about the dress, flowers, cake, dance etc. since you were a little girl, and no one is going to take that dream away from you. Now I’m not anti-wedding, I’m pro-options, and eloping is a pretty darn good option. I’ll plead my case…
The planning of wedding can take away from the heart of the matter. You want to marry your best friend and soul mate and do it in a ceremonious and special way you can remember forever. Now the way you do it should be completely up to you. Planning invitations, entrée choices, seating charts, and chair covers did not sound like parts of the romantic expression of love I dreamed of (and  a whole lot of work), so we skipped those parts! We really got to just focus on us (yes this is the time to be selfish) and saved a lot of stress, time and money. We got to plan an adventurous trip instead of one costly day. Imagine if you didn’t have to pay for 300 plates and have worry that your mom’s third cousin you’ve never met is going to get a vegan gluten free option, and you can just have a really nice, like REALLY nice meal for 2? I’m talking 7 course, wine paired, in a private cellar in southern Italy with your own musician serenading you, good. Yeah, that really happened.
There is so much stress and hype that goes into a big wedding that takes away your focus from you and partner and shifts to ensuring you throw a really good party for everyone else. But if that’s your choice go for it, and invite me, I love wedding cake. And if you want to elope, just run away and do it!

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