Stop Worrying, It’s Your Wedding Day!


The prospects of summer bikinis and short shorts are quickly approaching and my gym is continuing to send me friendly reminders that I haven’t been there for a while (back off okay!? I walk a lot!) The pressure to get in shape for summer however, DOES NOT compare to the pressure to look a certain way on your wedding day, especially for women. I admit it, I had many moments of Googling how to lose 30 lbs in 2 days, and juice cleanses and diet pills and and and… and it all sucks. Spending even a second of your time convincing yourself that you need to change the way you look for one day is ludicrous. My husband wasn’t marrying me for the possibility that I might morph into a supermodel by our wedding day. He married me because I’m funny and smart and awesome. It took a lot of work and self control to remind myself of these facts and not get sucked into crazy mind games. There is so much to enjoy and absorb while traveling and getting married, do not spend one second of it worrying about eating carbs. In fact, do what I did. Eat a pizza the day before you get married, not a slice, the whole thing. And eat it for lunch so you have room for fresh carbonara for supper!
If there really is some flaw that you can’t stand just edit it away. There is so much Photoshop crap you can do these days. Plus no one will know, you eloped, they weren’t there!

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