Table for Two, Please.


So, at one point elopements kind of got a bad reputation. They were the for the couples whose families did not approve, the drunken Las Vegas mistake, or the shotgun wedding before a little surprise. I think this culture has made a big shift. Intimate weddings are not just for the inebriated and the anti-industrialists. Today’s economic strains make some traditional expectations of a wedding unreasonable. How many people are carrying student loans into their 30s? Or how many parents really have the funds to shell out $30,000 (on the low end) for one night? Even if they could, is that what you want?

I think there has been a shift in the beliefs and motivation behind weddings. For many, it is still a cultural or family requirement that EVERYONE is invited, it may be a reunion with your childhood friends, or it may be that this is your time to shine and be the glamorous center of attention… and it is absolutely your right to do that. However, I think the perspective is moving back to the couple as central, not the party. All this planning, all the seating charts and food choices and bridesmaid’s dresses become about everyone else. But what about you?

Some people have asked me if I think “elope” has a negative connotation, my answer is “HELL NO.”

Eloping leaves you completely open to possibility. Your planning is completely personal and you as couple can have whatever you want (within your budget, common I’m not a genie!). It is extremely possible to have a $100,000 elopement so you need to still put some thought into planning. My point is you have options, you can be as simple or as extravagant as you want. But make it about you. Remember this is one day. You do not want to remember having to make sure everyone was having a good time. You want to remember every moment you spent with the person you are committing your life to.


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    Well written and completely true! I work with dozens of couples whom elope in Paris, and the number one thing they tell me is that the reason for eloping is because they wanted to have a romantic stress free day to celebrate their love and their future promises of marriage. Nowadays couples are stressed and stretched! As imply and romantic Elopement just makes sense right now for many! Wether in Paris or Rome, the holiday becomes a much needed celebration and commitment for the couple.

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    I absolutely love this!! The thought that the perspective is moving back to the COUPLE and the MARRIAGE makes me so happy. We had a tiny, intimate wedding but I still wish we had eloped. 🙂 I’m dying to shoot an elopement somewhere in the mountains or on the beach!!

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