The Dress. Oh, The Dress …

The dress. Oh, the dress. Now even if you are eloping and choose to wear something non-traditional a lot of thought goes into this one item of clothing. I confess, I cared. I cared about it a lot more than I wanted to admit to. Even though it was just the two of us I still wanted to look hot for my future husband! One problem, I hate shopping. And wedding dress shopping? No thanks. I’ve done it with many friends. The high pressure sales, the parading around in every dress, so many opinions… I get anxiety thinking about it. My must-haves were something comfortable I can go to the bathroom in, something I can eat in, and something I can move in. Seems like pretty basic requests, but wedding dresses can be insane. I also preferred to shop lying in bed in my pajamas, so began the online search! I enjoy this method because you can cover a lot of ground in a short time. This can be a risky venture though. Pay attention to return policies in case you hate it, and have a good seamstress in mind for alterations.
I looked for months and settled on something from Nordstrom’s online store. I completely guessed on my size and picked a style that could have looked hideous on my body had it not fit right, however Nordstrom has free, money-back returns so I was golden! As it turned out I loved it and it all worked out great. Some other great websites that have a range of dress prices to check out are:
If you are open to using a second hand dress it can be a great way to get something designer for a more reasonable price.

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