V Day … What the point of it all is?


Some final thoughts on celebrating the upcoming day of love…
So if you are like me, you are a sentimental schmuk and the idea of your first Valentine’s Day as a married couple requires thoughtfulness and attention (just as you expect your first Christmas, Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day etc.). Now the caveat is that your a little broke. Its just after the holidays, you had a fantastic time galavanting around Europe for your elopement, and you have big plans for your next adventure.
So what can we do? My plans involves reliving all the little moments that make me want to celebrate this ridiculous day in the first place.  I’ll pick up a bouquet of fresh peonies that will remind me of the fluffy white bouquet a local florist made up from the morning of our wedding day. We’ll share a piece of sweet and tangy lemon cake, like the one we ate in a private Italian wine cellar after our first dance. Finally, we’ll sip red wine and listen to songs like Unchained Melody and all the other oldy classic romantic tunes our private guitarist played while we danced alone. We’ll relive all these memories and more because that is what you get to do when you elope. You have this amazing experience that only one other person can share and recollect. It remains this perfect moment in time that the both of you can go back to at any time.
So visit the gift lists, get some chocolate or deliver flowers, But remember what the point of it all is. Take the opportunity to make your best friend’s day and celebrate together.

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