Valentine’s is a four letter word


That time of year is coming.The time when you either put on your red shirt and hearts or you find yourself in deep conversations about how we are all pawns to the criminal greeting card industry. I’ve had mixed emotions about this topic in the past. The fact that I am still immersed in the happy glow of newlywed-ness may alter my perception, but SO WHAT…

Is it really worth shaming someone for wanting to express a positive emotion to your loved ones? Yes, it is only one day of the year and yes, I do expect to find chocolate presents in my purse often, but really? This is what we are going to argue over? I say screw it. Go out for supper or send your girl/guy some flowers at work.  Its only February people! There is a lot of winter left, A LOT! There is a long time yet before the easter Cadbury chocolate eggs come out, so why don’t we all use Valentine’s day as something sweet to look forward to.
Be adventurous or creative! Explore your own city! Get engaged and elope (wink)! Let us know if you have any fun experiences or plans. We would love to hear from you!

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