We Are Getting Married Tomorrow!

The night before your wedding no matter how big or small it is, is one of excitement, anticipation, and relief that it is all finally happening. If you are having a large wedding, this is when you would typically have the rehearsal dinner, the last of the traveling family members are arriving, and you are tying up all the loose ends with your vendors. Now if you are eloping or having an intimate wedding you are going to have a little bit more of a free schedule during this time, which in all honesty was pretty darn nice. I have been apart of the hullabaloo of the night before and the excitement is great but there can be lots of unwelcome issues as well (i.e bridesmaids are fighting, groomsmen are drinking too much, your 4th cousin’s family arrived without RSVPing, and you catch my drift). Regardless of what the next day looks like there are a few things you can do the night before to help keep things smooth the next day.

Watch what you eat. And I don’t mean this is the time to starve yourself to make that dress fit. Just be cautious of those certain foods that can leaving you feeling bloated or unwell the next day. Think, things high in sodium or greasy fatty foods. Let’s face it, having diarrhea on your wedding day is not cute, it does not make for a funny story later, and it’s gross.

While you’re at it, watch what you drink. Go easy on the cappuccinos towards the afternoon and evening. You will be excited enough without the caffeine jitters keeping you awake. Also, try to limit the alcohol consumption. Alcohol affects your sleep, can make you look a little haggard, and can leave you feeling pretty unwell the next day. Try to drink lots of water the day before. In the excitement of the day you will forget to down your eight glasses and can get dehydrated.

*note re: above – all things admitted I ate a whole pizza and 1 beer the day before our elopement. I couldn’t help myself! But Italian pizza is much healthier than North American and the beer is super light (right!?!?!).

Lay out all your things the night before. Get your clothes and accessories ready. Decide who is going to be in-charge of the important stuff like the rings and marriage certificate. Put together a “shit happens” kit with some Advil, safety pins, tissues etc. Check the weather the day before and pack accordingly. It’s not a bad idea to bring some flip flops too. I know you want nice photos with the good shoes but if you are traveling somewhere that requires any sort of hiking, beach walks, or cobble stone treks, you will need some transit shoes.

Sleep together, or don’t. It’s an old tradition and totally up to you. I really liked the quiet time the night before. We watched our favorite funny YouTube videos and took a peaceful walk. You can reflect on the importance of what will happen the next day and be each others support if anything is stressing you out.

Jump up and down on the bed screaming “we are getting ‘effing married tomorrow!” Totally optional but highly recommended.

Michelle xo

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