Would you get married in a country you’ve never been to?


Getting married in a country you have never step foot in, insane? Or insanely amazing?! Well, it’s dependent on a few things, maybe a lot of things. You have to balance the excitement with a little bit of planning. It’s not to suck all the fun out of the surprise. A little reality check will ensure that your day lives up to all your expectations.

Reflect introspectively. how Type A are you? Will it cause you great stress and anxiety to not have the control of managing every last detail of your wedding? It does not mean that you cannot run away and get married if you are a little on the anal side. But you don’t want to spend all the time leading up to your wedding worrying what could go wrong. You need to be excited! So do whatever excites you!

Be strategically spontaneous. For many, the spur-of-the moment factor is what drives you to want to elope. That is wonderful! Still be smart about it! Don’t pick a destination that tickets alone absorb your budget. Be wary of weather, regional holidays and political unrest. Staying in your own city, province or state can also be just as exciting. Some of the local courthouse ceremonies out there are the sweetest most meaningful celebrations I have ever seen.

Don’t let paperwork ruin your day. Newsflash, legal requirements of getting married abroad suck. Every country has different rules and restrictions and the paperwork takes A LOT of time. I am not exaggerating here. You cannot run off to Paris and have a legal ceremony without months of embassy calls and forms. Oh, and don’t forget about the marriage certificate. If you are toying with the idea of eloping, just get a marriage certificate and keep it on standby. It’s a major bummer to make it all the way to the alter only to realize your ceremony isn’t legit.

Approach the unknown with optimism but be realistic. Things will 100%, guaranteed, without a doubt go wrong. You’ll forget your shoes, have a reservation snafu, hate your hair, get travelers’ diarrhea, SOMETHING.  You either take the perspective that it’s all part of the experience, or it ruins your wedding. Don’t sweat the small stuff and be flexible. All the little things that go wrong make for great stories and memories!

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