Your Mom is Going to be Mad


One of the first questions you ask yourself when you start entertaining the thought of eloping is should you tell your family?  And I am going to start off by saying there is no easy or right answer. I ended up telling my immediate family and a few close friends. I did this mainly because I was scared of the potential wrath of my mother and in hindsight I am glad I dropped the bomb pre rather than post.

So how do you break the news? I completely chickened out and sent my mom a text saying that maybe she might want to consider thinking about letting me elope… I don’t recommend this, get some balls! Remember, I said I would share my mistakes too!  Her immediate answer was “Hell no,” but this did give the parents a little time to digest the idea. So then by the time I was brave enough to face them again, we could discuss it civilly and they got to think about things like all the money they would save on having to give their only daughter a lavish wedding and no awkward Aunt Cathy has to sit with Cousin Frank at the wedding issues. They jumped on board and gave us their blessing. Take your family’s values and expectations into consideration, in the end it’s your decision and they will love you no matter what.

Another plus of letting some of the good relatives know ahead of time? You might get a few generous letters in the mail, which definitely helps if you are travelling. We sent out a little announcement card ahead of time that we made up ourselves and printed at a local shop, for cheap (if you live in the Vancouver area message me and I can give you the details!). You can get some prefab ones at numerous places online like Etsy, but guess what? People like to help you when you mention you’re getting married. Don’t be afraid throw it into conversation and milk it for all it’s worth!

Xox Michelle

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